Warm Audio WA73 – British Preamp and EQ is here !


British Style Warm Audio WA73 is HERE !

Warm Audio is back again with a bang with their WA73 British Preamp and EQ, inspired from the 1073, as they say.

We had some straight forward questions about the gear. Please find below a direct conversation with Bryce, the brain behind Warm Audio. These questions should pretty much answer most of your questions on the gear.


Warm Audio WA73


– Anything special about the Warm Audio WA73 that you want to tell ?

The Custom Carnhill transformers are built like the very first original Marinair Radar transformers, not the 80’s style Carnhill/St. Ives everyone else is using.

– Hand wired ? Everything is made in the US ?

They aren’t assembled in the USA but are quality control tested here at our headquarters before being shipped to dealers/distributors.

– We understand you guys have used the Carnhill Transformers ? Why ?

Neve originally used Marinair Radar, then switched to St. Ives. Carnhill acquired St. Ives later, so Carnhill is now the Neve transformer company everyone uses.  That said Carnhill is aware of the very first Marinair Radar transformers and agree they sound better than the St. Ive’s versions and have made these custom for us. (This is actually cool to have that original vintage sound)

– Anything special you want to tell us about the EQ ?

We added additional frequency points to the high frequency boost/cut more like the 1084 to give more versatility.

– UK Blore Edwards Switch-Pots are military grade right ? Anything to say about this and the affordable price range ?

Yes, UK Blore Edwards Switch pots are used in the EQ sections.  The prices are incredible, it took several years of negotiating with Blore-Edwards and Carnhill to get the prices down where we needed them to make the prices very attractive.


We were blown away with the little and precise decisions made by Warm Audio in crafting this beauty. Let us know what you guys think about the WA73. Let the world know !


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