The Warm Audio WA12 – Worth it ?

WA12 review

Is the Warm Audio WA12 worth it ?

As hot as the name sounds, Warm Audio has been around for a while now with its line of outboard analog gear. One of our personal favorite is the Warm Audio WA12 based on the vintage API 312 preamp design. Bryce Young, the Designer/Owner of the company, describes the WA12 not as a clone, but based on the classic API 312.

Design :

Warm Audio WA12
Warm Audio WA12

The orange color of the WA12 makes it stand out in any studio setup. The WA12 design is popular because of its simplicity. It is basically a high-quality discrete gain block coupled to an input and output transformer with a power supply. The Hi-Z inputs on the front makes life easy to connect guitars and keyboards. There are 6 selectable buttons, namely, the Hi-Z, a 48V phantom power, a pad, a phase switch, a tone button and a power button. The phase button comes in very handy when you want to check for phase issue during stereo recordings. There is also a stepped gain knob which is actually a variable pot rather than switched resistors . Also, the use of Cinemag Transformers takes the quality of the WA12 to a very high level. The overall feel of the WA12 is very sturdy. One thing I felt was missing is an high-pass filter to remove the knocks and rumbles.

Sound Quality :

We personally use the WA12 at our Studio and love every aspect of it. In fact our goto signal path for recording a bass guitar consists of the WA12 and the Inward Connection Brute. We would like to call this preamp pretty much as one of the most versatile mic-pre’s out there in the Industry. The WA12 overall produces a clean, warm and open sound.

When we first got our hands on the WA12, we also had the chance to compare it with the API 512c. The Warm Audio WA12 made us feel really proud. The WA12 really performs like a winner and the price point at which it is available is making us go ‘WOW’. Hats-off to Bryce and team!

Verdict :

There is no verdict here. Please go grab yours now !  Check out this Deal : Warm Audio WA12


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