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The Patch App

Bored of patching and unpatching on an old-school patchbay ? Flock Audio Inc introduces the all new PATCH System !


When I asked Darren about his Vision, he replied, “My vision was to create something that would change the analog industry as we knew it and get audio engineers back to focusing on making their work more streamlined and fun again. The Patchbay design has become a very outdated means of control and where everything else in our industry progressed the Patchbay remained stagnant. I wanted to change all that


The Patch System is a 64 Point I/O Patch Bay with 100% Transparent Analog Circuitry and is an Application Software Driven Interface. The Company also stated that the Patch System is capable of handling Advanced Routing & Multing Capabilities. Whether you’re operating a full service recording studio, mixing or just focusing on mastering, The Patch System is meant to change the way you use your outboard analog audio hardware forever. The Patent Pending Technology removes tedious and time consuming routings bringing back the love for the use of analog audio hardware again. The Patch System also has Front Input/Output Section Balanced Combo Inputs for quick integration of external hardware sources while on the fly. It also features 32 Channels with individually engaging 48V Phantom Power built in.

One of the things that caught our was the Safeguard Notification Feature. There will never be another day where a mistaken patch routing ruins the perfect take or worse yet… ruin your expensive analog hardware. What if the 64 points are not enough ? The Patch System is expandable !


Patch System




The Patch System is controlled by an Application call the Patch App.

Patch System


The App enables the user to drag and drop your preferred routings in seconds. One can create & store routings and then easily recall revisions on an existing track or to prepare for your next session. One can also create custom signal chains and limitless multing paths for unprecedented audio results. Save lots of money on expensive Audio Patch cables by just dragging and dropping. The Team is working on the IOS App which is on it way !


Flock Audio has created a benchmark with their advanced and innovative Patch System. Our team can’t wait to get their hands on the Patch System to test out this promising piece of gear.

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Check out their website here : https://www.flocktechnologies.com/


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